Scheller Technology GmbH (STN) optimises company-crossing business operations by developing process control systems and network solutions.

At the same time innovative methods belonging to the sectors of identification, localisation and sensor technology serve as "sense organs" for collecting data for process automation. Wireless networks and radio systems assure the worldwide application of our solutions, irrespective of your system and your location.

Based on the STN - data integration platform EIP® Scheller Technology GmbH generates solutions for

Logistic and stock processing management

Seaport management

Industry, manufacture, forestry and wood, shipbuilding, ...

Aerospace industry


These industry specialised solutions afford our customers an independent process design as well as a flexible and uncomplicated reaction to the continuous changing requirements in business processes. For the successful realisation of projects Scheller Technology GmbH employs multidisciplinary teams composed of technical experts, engineers and commercial staff. This strategy allows the creation of complex ICT management solutions and guarantees the guidance of a qualified and motivated staff. This includes tasks like demand analyses, economic assessments, selection of financial instruments, system selections and final implementations.